Woolworths Hiring 20,000 New Workers

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Woolworths has announced that it’s looking to hire 20,000 new workers amidst the dire need for more support in their supermarkets running smoothly. 

The CEO of Woolworths, Brad Banducci, said that “We will have more hours for existing team members and additional roles to fill as we focus on meeting the needs of our customers and communities,” as the shop attempts to keep up with unprecedented demand. 

Australian’s have been hit with massive job losses. Woolworths has said specifically that it will be looking to hire those who have been affected by these layoffs including those from the travel, retail, and hospitality sector. 

The jobs will be for shorter-term contracted roles and will include working checkouts, in distribution, and in stacking shelves. 

Woolworths is focused on hiring individuals from specific companies. 

“Our immediate hiring focus is the redeployment of our ALH team members impacted by this week’s mandatory hotel closures.”

“We’re also preparing to offer up to 5000 short-term roles to Qantas Group employees taking leave without pay including more than 1500 to our distribution centres, ” said Mr Banducci.

Photo Credit: Dallas Kilponen/PPR

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