Nine new cases NSW, Premier says “horrible mistakes” were made in relation to Newmarch House outbreak

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The deathly outbreak at the Anglican Newmarch House at Caddens, which has claimed 16 lives, likely originated from a sole health care worker. The NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant confirmed that the investigation into the source has now been closed.

“The person we were looking at — the resident — there was no evidence they had COVID-19,” Dr Chant said. The health care worker allegedly felt mild coronavirus symptoms but continued working at the facility for six shifts.

“There’s no doubt that horrible mistakes were made and a number of authorities should have done better and then we’ll get to the bottom of that,” NSW Premier Glady Berejiklian said.

“Every aged care facility has to assume the virus is going to enter their premises and they need to have a plan to prevent death, keep residents safe, but also keep families safe because just the trauma and distress of not seeing a loved one or not knowing what’s happened to your loved one would be just beyond words.

“There is no doubt this is an example of where things need to happen better, no doubt about that.”

Nine new cases were recorded in NSW today with testing rates nearing 7000 yesterday. Ms Berejiklian said NSW’s aim is to get testing rates up to and then above 8000.

“If you have even the mildest symptoms, if you work with vulnerable people, if you work anywhere and you are concerned and you have a number of people you are in contact with, please come forward and get tested,” she said.

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