Global update: Madrid health director resigns as restrictions ease

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Data from Johns Hopkins University shows that the global death toll is at 269,567 and 3,845,718 cases have been confirmed worldwide.

A WHO study included predictions to show that if precautions are not prioritised in Africa, 190,000 people could die. If containment fails, Algeria, South Africa and Cameroon will be among the countries most at risk and health services will likely be overwhelmed.

US President Donald Trump insists that “something happened” in a lab in Wuhan, reinforcing the theory that the virus was created in a lab. “Probably it was incompetence. Somebody was stupid,” he said.

Madrid’s director of public health resigned, in apparent opposition of the region’s government decision to begin easing restrictions. The Madrid regional government currently seeks permission from Spain’s national government to reopen businesses at a 30% capacity including restaurants and bars.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern outlines the second stage of easing restrictions including reopening bars with terraces. Ms Ardern said the nation is “halfway down Everest” in their fight against the virus.

A contact-tracing app like the COVIDSafe Australian app has been developed in the UK, although concerns over privacy and data protections has delayed its launch.

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