Queensland’s coronavirus Care Army saves 80 year old woman’s life

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Erika Freingruber, an 80-year-old woman, fell and broke her hip and was stuck lying on the ground alone in her home for days until members of Queensland’s Care Army, a newly-formed government organisation to ensure people receive support during the pandemic, alerted authorities to the situation.

Constable Max Gillet and Constable Glenn Engels were the two officers on the scene giving Ms Freingruber apple juice while she was still lying on the floor until the ambulance arrived.

“You’re my lifesavers, my angels, not policemen, my angels,” she told the constables.

“Can you imagine a week, nearly a week lying there, without help day and night?

Ms Freingruber said she cannot remember exactly how long she was lying there but thought she must have been unconscious for some time after falling and breaking her hip.

“Every doctor who came here said, ‘You don’t know how lucky you are that you are alive’.

“If you wouldn’t have come, I don’t think I’d be sitting here.”

Care Army worker Paul Mahoney was worried after reaching out to the elderly woman and not hearing back from her for a few days.

“I had some concerns because when I spoke to Erika a few days before hand she had really been on the ball,” he said.

Minister in charge of the Care Army, Kate Jones, thanked volunteers and said that the event was a symbol of the respect and care Queensland people show to one another.

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