CMO urges personal responsibility in COVID-19 update

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Australia has recorded 6,941 cases and 97 deaths to date. Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy described the outbreaks at Newmarch House in NSW and Cedar Meats in Victoria as “a blip” which are “coming under good control”.

Mr Murphy also said he was disappointed by the photos he saw of crowds in shopping centres. “Regulation can achieve things, but every individual can do more than regulation by behaving in a way that is respectful of social-distancing norms”, he said. “That will enable us as a nation to progressively and cautiously relax the regulations.”

“So if you are going to a shopping centre to buy something, go and buy something, but don’t hang around the shopping centre for half-an-hour mingling for no purpose. Go home.

“If you arrive at a shopping centre and you find a crowd not wanting to practise social distancing or crowding together, don’t go in. Leave, Come back later.

“If you see someone not practising social distancing or behaving irresponsibly, tell them. If a lift opens and you find it is full of people, don’t get in.

“All of these things are really important. And the more each individual Australian takes it upon themselves to behave in this new normal way, the more courageous governments are going to be about relaxing regulations over our careful 3-step process.”

Mr Murphy also said that a big meeting has been planned for tomorrow so that the national cabinet can discuss the problem of public transport as people return to work.

“I think we have to think about a very different way of people maybe starting work, some starting at 7:00am, some starting at 10:00am and people finishing at different times,” Mr Murphy said.

“The message is go back to work. But if it works for you and your employer, then continue to work from home.”

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