NSW using modified version of PM’s three-step-plan, restrictions to ease from Friday

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Despite only two new cases recorded in NSW in the past 24 hours, Premier Gladys Berejiklian says people should still act as if they are infected to avoid a quick spread. Stage one of easing restrictions will begin on Friday, and schools will begin reopening from tomorrow.

“We’re at this point in the pandemic because everybody has pulled together and done the right thing. We have to keep our vigilance,” she said.

“Every time you leave the house, you have to assume you have the virus or somebody you’re going to contact has the virus.

“That is the only way we will keep this deadly virus at bay.

“Just because we’re easing restrictions doesn’t mean the virus is less deadly or of less threat. All it means is we have done well to date.”

From Friday, gatherings of up to 10 people will be allowed including at weddings, while at funerals 20 mourners in an indoor setting or 30 outdoors will be permitted.

Cafes and restaurants will be open for up to 10 people if they can accommodate that number with at least four-metre’s between each person.

Religious services and places of worship can also reopen for up to ten people. Households can accept up to five visitors.

“I also want to stress that unlike other states, NSW is not yet ready to have recreational holidays in regional communities,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“We’re not ready to ease restrictions as much as other states have.

“But what we will do is assure the community that so long as we keep working together, so long as we keep working hard, that we can continue to move forward.”

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