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The tourism industry currently accounts for 10% of global GDP. Coronavirus has hit that industry hard, and Asia is expected to be the worst affected according the World Travel and Tourism Council. With Australia’s borders shut indefinitely, it can be a while until our tourism recovers. It has been estimated that it can take up to ten months after the outbreak for the industry to recover, and some aspects of it may be irreparably damaged.

We reached out to some of the top Australian and international travel personalities. We asked them to share where they found themselves as the world closed and how they are finding their new home-bound status.  We will continue to publish these stories throughout the coming weeks.

Becca & Dan

Becca & Dan

Home: New York, U.S.A.


Instagram: @halfhalftravel

Becca & Dan love to travel, work remotely, create content and use photography to showcase the world’s beauty and culture. About a year ago, they took off for a 10-month trip around the world, spending time on four continents. Since being back in New York, they have traveled in Myanmar and the Dominican Republic (two very different places!) and continually seek adventure.

Becca & Dan have recently pivoted their online content to focus on work-from-home tips and the remote work lifestyle during this time of need and shift of global priorities. 

What are your quarantine plans?

Luckily for us, ‘quarantine’ isn’t much of a culture shock, as I (Becca) was already working from home and doing my yoga online, which is currently all the rage now with quarantine life. My partner Dan was working from home once a week, and so together, we’re now experiencing an 100% every-day work-from-home life, and what we have got to juggle is mostly ensuring that we aren’t on video and phone calls at the same minute (to have some quiet and privacy for work obligations). 

It’s now coming down to the fact that our summer plans look a bit botched: we had plans to be away for 4 weeks, attending weddings in both Italy and Israel and spending time exploring Georgia & the Caucasus in between. It is looking unlikely though, as it’s now likely that our passports will get us banned from most places on Earth in the near future. We feel a bit helpless, but are completely understanding and also supportive of every nation’s protective measures. We’re wishing a speedy recovery for everyone in the world, and hoping only smart decisions are made and followed. 

Patrick Muntzinger

Home: Germany


Instagram: @germanbackpacker

Patrick is founder of the bilingual travel blog German Backpacker and its corresponding social media channels

How has the pandemic affected your life?

Since travel blogging is my full time occupation, I’m normally spending about 90% of the year on the road. However, luckily the Corona outbreak in Europe happened right after I returned back to Germany from Southeast Asia, where I spent the winter.

My plan was to visit my family for a few days before heading off to my next trip around the Middle East (which obviously got cancelled), but with borders shutting down in Europe and around the world, I quickly realised how lucky I am to be at home and not stuck somewhere on the road.

I’m currently at my parent’s home in the countryside in southern Germany, where I grew up. For a full time traveller and blogger like me, earning my income through tourism, the current situation is devastating. With all upcoming projects and trips cancelled, I’m certainly having a hard time to find motivation — especially since the crisis has such a big and probably long lasting impact on the tourism industry I’m working in.

Therefore, I’m taking the time to slow down and to take a step back: Spending time with family, going for walks in the nature, reading books, catching up with friends I haven’t talked to in a long time via video calls. With the whole world slowing down, I don’t feel guilty to take a break as well.

Patrick on the road

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