Concetta Fierravanti-Wells slams Julie Bishop’s ‘air-head comment’ about China

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Former foreign minister Julie Bishop argued that Australia should engage in calm and considered diplomacy with China to push them into embracing an independent investigation into the origins of coronavirus.

Liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, formerly a junior minister to Ms Bishop, attacked the politician posting , “another air-head comment from the ‘couch’. We had six years of ‘Instagram diplomacy’ that ignored CCP skulduggery and ‘debt trap diplomacy’.”

Ms Bishop said that China “has a unique responsibility as a permanent member [to the United Nations] to maintain international peace and security, and without a doubt this pandemic is a threat to international security.”

Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells is demanding that China pay Australia “reparations” for coronavirus and has for a long time advocated for Australia to decrease economic dependence on China.

She criticised the UN system as being “mired by inefficiencies, duplication and undue political influences by totalitarian states that use the multilateral system to further their political ends.”

“It is incumbent on the government to investigate all possible ways to recover damages for health costs and damage to our economy,” she said in parliament.

“I am concerned that the [Communist Party of China] is taking advantage of the pandemic to further its insidious debt-trap diplomacy by taking advantage of economically stressed nation-states through the Belt and Road Initiative,” she said referring to a global infrastructure development strategy that the Chinese government initiated in 2013.

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