No new COVID-19 cases, NSW has “turned the corner”

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Premier Gladys Berejklian announced that NSW has recorded no new cases of coronavirus today for the first time since mid-February, but that people should remain vigilant as cases can easily rise again.

Ms Berejiklian said that the success is “because the community has done the right thing,” by observing social distancing measures and coronavirus related restrictions.

“It’s not because governments or politicians have made the right decisions.”

“We were literally being compared to New York,” she said, referring to a time when NSW was reporting 200 cases a day. On March 27 2020 the state ‘peaked’ at 212 confirmed new coronavirus cases in one day.

“Now we’re down to a couple a night.”

On Friday, NSW will begin the first stage of easing restrictions. “We know unfortunately there are people currently in New South Wales walking around with the virus who don’t know they have it.”

“I know the virus will be bubbling around the surface in the community, so it’s very important that we don’t get complacent.”

Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said NSW was on track to get all students back in classrooms by the end of May.

Ms Berejiklian warned that cluster outbreaks may still occur in the coming weeks and so parents should remain flexible, even though students may return to school.

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